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Selecionei abaixo alguns dos melhores artigos sobre empreendedorismo, liderança, soft skills, inovação, startups:

Blitzscalling :: Reid Hoffman e Tim Sullivan

Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything :: Steve Blank

Startups Stock Options :: Steve Blank

How CEOs Manage Time :: Michael Porter e Nitin Nohria

Understanding is a poor substitute for convexity :: Nassim Taleb

Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story :: Tim Urban

Successful Project-Based Learning :: Terri C. Albert

What I Learned Crafting Strategic Narratives for 100+ Companies :: Andy Raskin

Trillion Dollar Coach

The Innovator’s Dilemma for SaaS Startups

The Innovator’s Solution for SaaS Startups (The Flywheel SaaS Company)

The Saas Adventure (Triple-triple-double-double-double)

Don’t Throw Away Your Innovation Budget :: Joe Brown

The Eight Things I Learned About Creativity :: The Oatmeal

Silicon Valley Camels :: Collin West e Nihar Neelakanti sobre Empresas Camelo, termo criado por Alex Lazarow

The Only 10 Slides You Need In Your Pitch

Fintech Scales Vertical Saas

Let’s Stop Talking About Soft Skills: They’re PowerSkills

What is a Tech Company?

The Case Against To-Do Lists (and What to Use Instead)

Too many AI researchers think real-world problems are not relevant

How Valuable Are Your Customers?

How To Calculate Lifetime Value – The Infographic